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Genius - Quiz Ancient Egypt

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What was 'The Book of the Dead'? Did you know that in the construction of the pyramid of Khufu over 2,000,000 blocks of stone were used? Who was the "heretic pharaoh" husband of Nefertiti?Show how much you know and learn with Genius - Ancient Egypt! Discover the secrets of the civilization that, thousands of years ago, built towering pyramids and monumental temples such as Karnak, Luxor and Abu Simbel, developed hieroglyphic writing and became the most powerful, rich and most feared kingdom of ancient times. Answer the questions correctly and step into one of the most fascinating, and at the same time the least known cultures of the history of mankind.
• Sumerians and the Old Kingdom• The Middle Kingdom. Assyrians and Babylonians• The splendor of the New Kingdom• Foreign dynasties and decadence• Art, culture and daily life• Egyptian religion
In the answer to each question, you will find an explanation rich in interesting information that will allow you to learn about the History of Ancient Egypt while having fun.
• Test your knowledge with the trivia game• Learn with the detailed explanations for each answer• Share questions and answers with your friends• Excel in each level so you become a true Pharaoh
With Genius – Ancient Egypt, learning becomes a game.Discover it.